Beachler's Sugar Bush

The 2022 Sugar Camps will be announced in January. In the meantime, feel free to contact any of these sugar shacks directly about purchasing syrup as it is available! Due to COVID regulations, our activities might be different this year but we are looking forward to seeing you on maple weekend for safe and fun activities!

Visit Beachler's Sugar Bush

9569 S 600 E
Claypool, IN 46510


Contact Information:
Phone Number: 260-839-3072

Video from Beachler's Sugar Bush

Beechler’s Sugar Bush is a modern sugaring facility and will be processing sap from approximately 8,500 taps. The family operation uses a stainless steel evaporator to boil sap and a reverse osmosis machine to speed the process. Sugarmakers since 2002, there are three generations of the Beachler family involved. In past years, visitors to Maple Weekend enjoyed walking through a modern sugar woods, seeing how trees are tapped, trying a hand at drilling a tap hole the old-fashioned way, being an old-fashioned lumberjack with a cross-cut saw, trying fresh maple syrup cotton candy, and several other activities.

The camp plans to have maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, maple-roasted almonds & walnuts, maple pancake mix, and other products available for sale, and will be giving away door prizes throughout the day.

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Photos from Beachler's Sugar Bush