Kreider Kreations Sugar Camp

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3092 W 1000 S
South Whitley, IN 46787


Maple Weekend Hours

Saturday, March 9, 2024: 10 am to 4 pm
This camp will not be open on Sunday, March 10.

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 260-413-9494

Making maple syrup is a family endeavour for us and something we all look forward to each year!  Our passion for making maple syrup stems from previous generations passing their knowledge to us.  We are a small scale operation focused on producing high quality syrup while promoting sustainability and healthy woodlands.  All sap used in our syrup making is collected from trees on site and local woods owned by our family.  We take pride in knowing where all our sap comes from and how our trees are cared for.  We use a home-built reverse osmosis system to process sap prior to cooking in a 2×3 condenser fueled by wood.  Syrup is then put through a complete steam bottler system and bottled.  We welcome you to join us and see how fresh maple syrup can be produced on a small scale.

Note: we cook outdoors in the elements and alongside Mother Nature; come prepared


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