Rutherford Sugar Camp

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6025 N CR 100 E
New Castle, IN 47362


Special Directions or Information:

The camp is located one mile east of Highway 3, and one mile north of Highway 36 near Mt. Summit at 6025 N County Road 100 E, New Castle, IN.

Maple Weekend Hours

Saturday, March 9, 2024: 10am-4pm
Sunday, March 10, 2024: 10am-4pm

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 765-524-1565

The Rutherford Sugar Camp has been in continuous operation since 1911 and was started by Carol’s grandfather, Lewis Rutherford, just one-fourth mile from its present location.

We process sap from 3,000 taps from sugar and black maples using gravity and vacuum tubing.  We use a reverse osmosis machine to remove 75% of the sugar water before boiling.  An oil-fired evaporator is used to concentrate the sap into syrup which is filtered and bottled on the premise.

Our sales room is a log cabin that was originally built in 1841 and was moved to its present location from the old sugar camp that was one-fourth mile north of its current location.

Carol and I, our sons and their families, and those who help out at the Rutherford Sugar Camp look forward to your visit.

Items for sale include pure maple syrup in various sizes and shapes of containers, maple candy, maple sugar, and maple cream. We are not equipped to handle credit cards, but cash and checks are accepted.

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